Make Money with

  • Although has no reseller program, you can still make money through its affiliate program. The referral program is undergoing re-development, but we’ll still explain how it works to help you make money from it once it’s back.
  • You’ll receive a unique URL link when you join the affiliate program. The site promises to pay you a commission for every new member who buys a premium account through your affiliate link.
  • You’ll get a 50% commission for every new member who joins via your referral link. The amount excludes getaway or processor fees. Although Upstore doesn’t have commissions for rebills, you might still earn if the premium subscriber renews their account via your affiliate link.
  • The quickest way to earn commissions is by adding your referral link to your website or social media pages. That way, you can convince your friends and followers to join
  • Another way to earn with Upstore is through their content creation program. Content owners receive up to 50% of each premium sale and 50% of revenue from their files. If someone pays to download your file, you’ll receive half the amount they pay.
  • The minimum payout amount is €10. However, new partners must wait at least two weeks after attaining the amount to submit a withdrawal request.
  • Payout options include Webmoney and bank transfer. Webmoney payouts are automatic, but bank transfers are only available Wednesday-Friday for the last week and Monday-Sunday every other week. make money